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$2 billion startup GitHub has officially won over Microsoft (MSFT)

Today, Microsoft announces via blog admittance the shutdown of CodePlex, its 11-year-old site where developers could web host and show the code because of their software projects.

When it was founded in 2006, CodePlex was one Microsoft’s biggest steps in to the world of wide open source software – where any programmer, everywhere can download and tweak the code with their liking. At that time, Microsoft noticed free open up source software, like the Linux operating-system, as a significant competitive threat.

For the reason that blog, Microsoft Corporate VP Brian Harry creates that the CodePlex shutdown is basically because the world of wide open source has almost totally moved to GitHub’s virtually identical service. GitHub, a $2 billion SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA startup, increased from humble roots in 2008 to becoming known as the “Facebook for developers.”
“Over time, we’ve seen a whole lot of amazing options come and go but at this time, GitHub is the de facto place for wide open source sharing & most open source assignments have migrated there,” creates Harry for the reason that blog.

Actually, as Harry highlights in his post, Microsoft has relocated to GitHub in a major way, too: Back Sept 2016, GitHub released stats demonstrating that Microsoft defeat out Facebook to be the company with programmers adding to open up source software on the program.
CodePlex will officially vanish by Dec 15th, 2017, creates Harry, but Microsoft will be providing tools to get existing code from the platform.
Back 2015, Google turn off its troll-ridden Yahoo Code, too, as the earth shifted to GitHub. Which means that, in a materials way, GitHub has surfaced victorious in an extended but not especially dramatic struggle with Yahoo and Microsoft. And, for Microsoft’s part, it’s another indication that the business is willing to put nice with others’ technology nowadays.

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