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Getting Started with BYOL on Dedicated Hosting

You should use your own server-bound software licenses (BYOL), such as Glass windows Server and SQL Server, on Dedicated Hosting. Follow the steps below to transfer your own software into EC2.

Step one 1. Transfer a VM into Amazon . com EC2 using ImportImage CLI Command
1. Install the AWS CLI. To find out more, see Step one 1: Install the AWS CLI.
2. Prepare the VM for transfer to Amazon . com EC2. To find out more, see Step two 2: READY YOUR VM.
3. Export the VM from the virtualization environment. To find out more, see Step three 3: Export Your VM from Its Virtual Environment.
4. Transfer the VM into Amazon . com EC2. For information, see Step 4: Importing Your VM into Amazon . com EC2.

5. Once you’ve brought in your image(s), they’ll come in the My AMIs portion of the console.
Step two 2. Start AWS Config Tracking for Dedicated Hosts
AWS Config details when circumstances are launched, ceased, or terminated over a Dedicated Host. These details is matched with host-level information highly relevant to software licensing (e.g., the sponsor Identification, AMI IDs, and volume of sockets and physical cores on the variety). Because of this, AWS Config can be utilized as databases for permit reporting. To begin with, permit Dedicated Host saving in AWS Config.
1. Open the Amazon . com EC2 console.
2. Over the Dedicated Hosts dashboard, click on the “Edit Config Taking” button.
3. Inside the AWS Config System, follow the steps provided to carefully turn on case and host taking. To find out more, see Establishing AWS Config using the Gaming console.

By default, AWS Config details configuration changes for all those supported source of information types including EC2 Dedicated Hosts and circumstances. You are able to optionally start recording limited to Dedicated Hosts and cases.
Step three 3. Allocate and Launch
Follow the steps defined in the Getting started off with Dedicated Hosts guide, and ensure you choose the AMI you’ve imported through the launch construction process.

Step 4. Retrieve Construction Record from AWS Config
Understand how to get your configuration record with AWS Config at the AWS Paperwork.

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